Wellbeing in Schools

Addressing Mental Health for Teens in Hong Kong

Our non-profit partner organisation, YAMA Foundation runs an initiative called Here To Be, which provides yoga and mindfulness techniques for mental health, targeting teens and at-risk youth with mild to moderate risk of mental health issues. Please visit the site here for more information.


Professional Development for School Teachers

Training for EDUCATORS in THE basics of yoga, mindfulness & meditation

Schools around the world are beginning to look at well-being initiatives to cover the healthy development of children, physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and even spiritually. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are at the heart of this movement as an integrated practice helps with exactly that. What's more, yoga is an easy indoor activity that can be done in the classroom (so it even addresses the issue of whether kids get enough exercise in the day).

Most teachers have limited knowledge about yoga, meditation and mindfulness, but I have a range of offerings from one-off workshops, to yoga programs that are part of the curriculum and even professional development for teachers.

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EDUKAY - Yoga & Mindfulness Training for Teachers

EDUKAY is a specialised 6-hour continuing professional development opportunity developed by Kidding Around Yoga's (KAY's) team of educators, targeted towards providing school teachers with techniques, songs, games and activities to be integrated into the school day, seamlessly fitting into lesson plans, units of inquiry, curriculum themes and learning standards. KAY is a leading children's yoga company with programs and trainings around the world.

Here's what a past participant said about the EDUKAY program:

The Kidding Around Yoga [EDUKAY] training, was fun and motivating. It was so easily transferable into the school, that is made a instant impact with routines, songs, activities being carried out the very next day after each training session. Even those teachers who were initially unsure about the value of yoga with young children, began using the programme. The children and adults love yoga now, especially the fun and energetic songs. It is wonderful to see so many smiling faces. For me, I especially loved doing the laughing exercises with children and the songs, even if I couldn’t remember the poses we could make it up to match the animals. It really has been great fun. Thank you Hersha.
— Classroom Teacher, ESF Wu Kwai Sha International Kindergarten

Yoga for SEN Schools

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One of my favourite services is bringing a specialised yoga program to a school for special educational needs. Children respond so well to the yoga and meditation activities, and their carers receive something as well. Here are some schools that I have worked with in the past:

  • Child Development Centre Hong Kong

  • The Cornwall School

  • Heep Hong Society School

  • Watchdog Early Education Centre

  • Jockey Club Sarah Roe School

Stress Management for Kids Workshop

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Stress Management for Kids Workshop

I've run this workshop for kids aged 10-12 years and it really plants the seeds for them to learn how to manage stress and the tools they have to overcome challenges, especially as they navigate teenage years. Here's what they learn:

  • What is the stress response?

  • Good stress vs. bad stress

  • How to recognise bad stress and address it mindfully

  • When to ask for help

Hersha worked with my class of 30 students [at the stress management workshop]. Throughout the session the children were engaged and motivated. The workshop provided a fantastic mix of theory, practical activities and reflection. It was pitched at the perfect level and was enjoyed by all. Students were given many new strategies to help them relax and take more notice of their wellbeing.
— Helen Read, Y6 Teacher, Clearwater Bay School ESF