Yogaville Retreat - 2020

Yogaville Retreat - 2020


July 12-19, 2020 at Satchidananda Ashram Yogaville, Buckingham VA, USA

Price does not include flights, transport or accommodations. These must be booked on your own. Please scroll down for further information.

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To discover Satchidananda-Ashram Yogaville, get a full taste of the ashram lifestyle and practice Karma Yoga.
Please note that the dates of the retreat coincide on purpose with Camp Yogaville, therefore you are very welcome to bring your children along (see below details of Camp Yogaville - available for children ages 7 to 14).

The retreat starts on Sunday 12th July from 5pm and ends on Sunday 19th July at lunch time. Check In Date: 12th July 2020 - between 2-5pm
Programme Orientation 12th July 2020 evening
Programme Ends 19th July 2020 after Lunch


Satchidananda-Ashram Yogaville, Virginia (VA), USA 


The cost is divided into two parts: (1) the tuition for the retreat and (2) the accommodation.

(1) Tuition Price: HKD2,000.00 (this price includes the daily programme - morning and afternoon activities - and a donation to the Swamis in gratitude for their continuous selfless service to the community). Tuition price does not include travel or accommodations or the children’s camp. The retreat is paid in HKD to

(2) Accommodation
This is the price for 7 nights per person (from Sunday 12th until Sunday 19th July 2020): it includes three vegetarian meals a daygroup meditation (3 available each day); hatha yoga class (2 available each day) - and details of prices per night is available below.

Each participant needs to contact the ashram directly and book their accommodation. To book your accommodation, email:

  • US$370 (camping - you need to bring your own tent) [around 2.900HKD - exchange rate on 27/10]

  • US$555 (dormitory - shared room and bath) [around 4.350HKD - exchange rate on 27/10] 

  • US$845 (dormitory - private with shared bath) [around 6.625HKD - exchange rate 27/10] 

  • US$995 (LOTUS Guest House: private room - private bath) [around 7.800HKD - exchange rate 27/10]

Please note that dorms are separated by gender, therefore if you come as a couple, Lotus Guest House is what would suit you best.

Transportation from Charlottesville to the Yogaville can be arranged with the Ashram.


Please note if you are a member of the IYTA (Integral Yoga Teachers Association) you will benefit from discounts on your accommodation during your stay in Yogaville. Please see below list of IYTA members Benefit:

  • Access to webinar once a month to ask any teaching or spiritual questions from senior IY teachers.

  • 45% discount at Integral Yoga Distribution purchases– books, tapes and more! To order from home, you will need to contact them by emailing to set up an account.

  • Bring a guest to Yogaville for free, Sunday-Thursday (up to 3 times per year).

  • Living Yoga Training month long program, for only 108USD (600USD value).

  • 10% off guest stays and retreats at Yogaville.

  • 10% off programs and 5% off teacher trainings offered at Yogaville and the New York and San

    Francisco Integral Yoga Institutes.

  • Discounted liability insurance through Yoga Insurance Plus.

  • 15% discount at Shakticom – Integral Yoga Multimedia: CDs, DVDs, digital downloads, gifts, and more! 

  • To register at IYTA:

If you wish to stay additional nights, please see the price list below:


Dormitory - Shared Room and Bath:

  • Per person: US$75/person (Sun-Thu) & US$90/person (Fri-Sat)

Private Dormitory - Private Room/Shared Bath:

  • Single person: US$115/person (Sun-Thu) & US$135/person (Fri-Sat)

  • Additional person: US$75/person (Sun-Thu) & US$90/person (Fri-Sat)

LOTUS Guest House - Private Room and Bath

  • First person: US$135/person (Sun-Thu) & US$160/person (Fri-Sat)

  • Additional person: US$75/person (Sun-Thu) & US$90/person (Fri-Sat)

  • Children (ages 6-14): US$30 / child (no charge for children under 5 years)

YOGAVILLE SUMMER CAMP - for those of you coming with kids

Each participant needs to contact the ashram directly and book the camp for their child / children

If you wish to contact the director of the camp, Rev. Rudra Swartz, you can send an email to:

Camp Yogaville is Integral Yoga® for kids—a two-week-long Yoga summer camp in the heart of Virginia for children ages 7 to 14. We’re flexible! It’s a great opportunity for your kids to share and relate to one another in a yogic way.

Your kids can attend one week or both weeks:

One Week: July 12–19 or July 19–26

Both Weeks: July 12–26

Check-in: 2 – 6 pm Check-out: 11 am

Camp Tuition and Accommodations:

1 week: $700 2 weeks: $1,120

Add a sibling:

$560 per week

Your children will:
• Enjoy 700+ acres for activities like swimming, hiking, and crafting • Learn about yogic ideals like compassion and nonviolence
• Eat delicious, nourishing, and healthy vegetarian meals
• Practice Hatha Yoga every morning
• Learn about Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
• Sleep in rustic cabins
• Learn a few Sanskrit chants
• Cultivate strength, confidence, and peace


  • Let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in joining the retreat, so we get an idea of numbers.

  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact Anjali ( or Karuna ( (make sure you send your messages to both of us so we can reply in a timely manner)

  • Book (1) the retreat with us and (2) accommodation & Camp Yogaville directly with the ashram and make it happen!

    We look forward to spending some time together with you in Yogaville in July 2020! Hersha, Karuna and Anjali ॐ