Is Peace of Mind Attainable for Everyone?

Amid the chaos of urban life exists an inner-stillness, lying dormant within each one of us as we bustle around the crowded streets of Hong Kong.  Only a few have grasped the secret of taming the unending chatter of the mind to achieve a heightened awareness and empowered life. Are these people special or just lucky? Neither. They have committed to a practice of meditation. As the sun rises through the smog and high-rise towers each morning, know that you can have access to the tools that will help you be the person you've always wanted.

Meditation comes from the Sanskrit root medha which means wisdom. Meditation is a practice to help us gain access to the wisdom that resides inside of us. Meditation for beginners can seem daunting at first, however starting a meditation practice only requires a short time each day. Here are the secrets to attaining peace of mind.

Secret 1: Meditation is not about making the mind ‘blank’ or ‘stopping our thoughts’, rather it is an active training of the mind to slow down the chatter and bouncing around. The mind’s natural function is to move from object to object; its nature is to think.  With this understanding, we can begin to tame all the thoughts by bringing our attention one thought or group of thoughts. 

Secret 2: Having a wandering mind is normal; bringing it under control takes time and patience. There are many techniques to do this. The key to success is finding a technique that resonates with you personally.

Secret 3: Next comes determination, once you have found a technique that you like, commit to practicing the technique daily for a set amount of time. There are tools to help you gain the discipline and the support to do this. Starting a new habit isn’t easy, but once established, it’s here to stay.

Meditation can be enjoyable and does not have to be a chore. It most definitely is not a waste of time, rather it strengthens your mind in ways that you wouldn’t know possible. It is possible to do this without getting frustrated and disheartened.  Many students complain that they cannot even meditate because their mind wanders too much. Students that can notice how busy their minds are usually end up being the best at meditation.

Meditation empowers you to make shifts in your consciousness which will have profound effects on the rest of your life. 

Hersha Chellaram