Hatha Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours

Integral Yoga is an authentic and fully integrated system of healing. With Integral Yoga Teacher Training you can take the course to suit your busy schedule here in Hong Kong. Not only is the course fully integrated with a  hectic schedule, but there is plenty of opportunity to attend group meetings and learn through practise. Not only do you earn confidence, but you also have the opportunity to see how the Yoga teachings can be integrated into regular life. Transform yourself!

The Yoga training is led by head trainer Hersha Chellaram, and supplemented with experts in their fields. Learn anatomy and physiology. Learn about 'breath' and how to cut through the stress response in 30 seconds.

Diet and stress is a major part of this course too, so learn how to detox your body from daily physical toxins, as well as mental toxins. Yoga can help heal the body and mind on various levels, even the emotions. You'll be surprised how effective and simple these teaching are. 

This is a must if you are looking for authentic and varied training.  The certificate is fully recognised by Yoga Alliance. 

Please contact Hersha for scheduling your interview and getting a taste of what Integral Yoga has to offer.