Integral Yoga Lineage

Founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda, Integral Yoga ® helped pioneer the introduction of yoga to the western world over 50 years ago. The first Integral Yoga Institute was founded in Manhattan, NY on October 7, 1966. Today, there are over 30 Integral Yoga Institutes and Centres around the world, with headquarters at Satchidananda Ashram: Yogaville® in Buckingham, VA. Our global community includes over 5000 Integral Yoga teachers — many of whom have become leaders in yoga and healthcare.

Hong Kong has a thriving Integral Yoga community (known as a Sangha) offering classes and teacher trainings.



  • Hatha Yoga: Focuses on the physical aspects of wellbeing through postures, breath control, cleansing techniques, yoga diet and deep relaxation.

  • Karma Yoga: Focuses on social and emotional wellbeing through the path of kindness, compassion and selfless service. Examining the power of intention, attitude and impact of actions.

  • Bhakti Yoga: Focuses on emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the path of devotion, expression, creativity and love. This practice is equally effective to both secular or religious-based people.

  • Raja Yoga: Focuses on mental and emotional wellbeing by learning the science of the mind and learning how to train the mind through ethical practices, concentration and meditation.

  • Jnana Yoga: Focuses on mental wellbeing through self-analysis and study. By examining what is permanent and impermanent, we gain knowledge of our true Self and find peace.

  • Japa Yoga: Focuses on mental and spiritual wellbeing by the practice of mantra repetition (sound structures that carry healing vibrations). Mantras can be passed down from teacher to student or can be self-created.