Meditation for Beginners

Meditation for Beginners Workshop in Hong Kong: Hersha Yoga Workshop Series

One of the most practical meditation courses for a complete novice or a struggling meditator. Learn the secrets to mastering the mind and what to do when the mind just won’t keep quiet. 

This workshop series provides a complete introduction to the basics of meditation. This is a great workshop for those who have no prior experience to meditation, or for those that tried it a couple of times but found it frustrating. Participants who want to rekindle an old meditation practice will find extremely beneficial.

Participants learn the following:

  • The point of meditation is and the benefits 
  • Common misunderstandings of meditation
  • Understanding how to work with the mind
  • Different types of meditation techniques
  • Practical side: how to sit, when to do it, how long, etc.
  • How to integrate it into your lifestyle

Workshop Offerings:

1) Live Training

Meditation for Beginners
900.00 990.00

Meditation for Beginners Workshop in Hong Kong

April 30, May 7 & May 14th 2019 (3-part workshop) from 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Venue: W50 Unit 109, 50 Wong Chuk Hang Road. (Wong Chuk Hang MTR Exit A2) Parking in One Island South.