2019 Calendar of Trainings



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CE: Meditation for Beginners

April 30, May 7, May 14, 2019 | Hong Kong

One of the most effective courses for a complete novice or a struggling meditator. Learn the secrets to mastering the mind and what to do when the mind just won’t keep quiet. This 3-part workshop provides a complete introduction to the basics of meditation. This is a great workshop for those who have no prior experience to meditation, or for those that tried it a couple of times but found it frustrating. Participants who want to rekindle an old meditation practice will find extremely beneficial. Read more…


CE: Raja Yoga Foundation Course

May 20-24, 2019 | Hong Kong

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is one of the oldest instruction manuals for good mental health. Study the most essential Sutras and understand how the mind works, how to train the mind to intercept negative thought patterns and develop new neuro-pathways for a healthier mind. Learn the basics of meditation and how to quiet and still the mind. Open to all — no yoga background required. Prerequisite for the Raja Yoga Teacher Training. Read more…


CE: Accessible Yoga Training

August 26-28, 2019 | Hong Kong

Learn how to make your yoga classes accessible to people of all abilities. Understand the most frequent age-related illnesses, auto-immune disorders and disabilities, how to adapt asana to include a range of abilities and how to create integrated and accessible yoga classes. The course includes Hatha Theory and techniques, anatomy and physiology, yoga philosophy and much more. Open to yoga teachers, people with disabilities and anyone who works with people who have disabilities. Read more…


CE: Kidding Around Yoga

September 7-8, 2019 | Hong Kong

Teach yoga to kids in a fun and engaging manner. Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) is a revolutionary style of yoga based on the Integral Yoga tradition but modernised to keep children focused and calm. KAY teaches the entire science of yoga with interactive games, activities and original music. This unique blend of online + live training will rekindle your inner-child and you will laugh your way to inner-peace. Read more…


TT: Raja Yoga Teacher Training

STARTING September 2019 | Hong Kong

Learn how to teach yoga philosophy and meditation. Study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in-depth, working with your own mind, but also developing your public speaking, group facilitation and leadership skills. Prerequisite to attend is completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training from any tradition and taking the Raja Yoga Foundation Course (see above). Read more…


TT: Integral Yoga Basic Teacher Training

Starting October 2019 | Hong Kong

Integral Yoga’s 200-hour foundation training is a renowned system of yoga that develops a personal practice, focuses on personal development and growth, complete instruction in Hatha Theory and practicum for Integral Yoga’s level one, plus experiences in the six branches of Integral Yoga. Graduates are knowledgable and professional Yoga teachers. Prerequisite: A regular yoga practice for at least six months and a sincere desire to go deep into the study and practice of yoga. Read more…


Yoga for the Special Child: Basic 1

November 20-25, 2019 | Hong Kong 

The Sonia Sumar Method is a therapeutically designed system of yoga for children with special needs that follows the natural development of children. The techniques are safe for infants and children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, ADD/ADHD, microcephaly, rare genetic diseases, developmental delays and any intellectual disability. This course is designed for children aged 2-12. Open to yoga teachers, parents or professionals who work with children with special needs. Read more…


Yoga for the Special Child: Basic 2

November 27-December 3, 2019 | Hong Kong 

The second part of this programme is designed for children 13-19 years old and focuses on teaching yoga to groups. Participants must have completed YSC Basic 1, and must have taught 4x 30-minute sessions prior to attending the programme. Participants must submit a video recording of one session using the Sonia Sumar Method to present as a case study and receiving valuable training and feedback. Read more…