See what students are saying about Hersha's Integral Yoga Classes & Teacher Trainings.

Hersha is an amazing teacher, among the best I’ve come across in my 15 years of practice. She has a passion and love for all of yoga, not just asana. She is a beautiful soul who inspires all who have had the opportunity to learn from her. She is gentle, kind-hearted, yet she has expectations that are clear and consistent, often requiring students to reach a bit more than they may on their own. Without hesitation, I recommend Hersha as a teacher, yogi and guide. I took my initial TT with her, and I will continue with her in more advanced courses. Her passion and energy are contagious!
— Heather Sheridan
Thanks Hersha Harilela Chellaram for a beautiful sangha yesterday. My hips are flying. The kirtan gave them wings and when we opened them up they turned into butterflies. -
— Pernilla Halldin
“I never thought that I’d be able to meditate but with your guidance I’ve been slowly able to pick up the right techniques to enable me to do it.”
— Participant, Meditation for Beginners
Hersha’s classes are a wonderful way to keep the body healthy and the soul happy. In response to Hersha’s inspired and sympathetic teaching, I find my body becoming more supple, my mind calmer and my heart lighter. With great insight she simplifies the practice of asana and pranayama gently leading her students into the peace of meditation.
— Josephine Melville
Hersha’s yoga classes create a little oasis of peace and tranquillity for me in an increasingly busy life, a place where I have found that my body and mind can be nurtured and strengthened. By practising yoga regularly with Hersha, not only has my body become more flexible, but my mind is calmer and so dealing with any problems that may arise in everyday life has become easier.
— Ruth Cole
Hersha is wise and experienced teacher, with a wicked sense of humor and a deep experiential knowledge of the multiple aspects of yoga practice. She makes what is hard feel easy and reminds one that asanas that look easy still require attention and dedication. Every moment spent learning from her is a blessing!
— Sylla Cousineau