CE: Kidding Around Yoga

Kidding Around Yoga by Haris (Harini) Lender

Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) specialises in transformational kids Yoga teacher trainings around the world. This continuing education training is full of interesting and fun ways to share the ancient practice with children ages 2-17. Participants learn creative instruction in meditation, breathing, relaxation, poses, games and activities, and much more. KAY has a unique approach to teaching children's Yoga and a series of original music created by our tight-knit family of teachers and trainers. 

The training is great for anyone who wants to work with children on any level.

Foundation Training: KAY has developed a unique 2-day hands-on training, backed up by an independent online course and lifetime of support by KAY staff and your vibrant KAY community. At KAY, participants learn more than just poses but a complete stress management system for children. You learn the Science of Yoga, especially geared for little yogis. 

Kidding Around Yoga Foundation Training