TT: Children's Yoga (95 hours)

Hersha Yoga’s specialises in working with children who have special needs and / or disabilities. The 95-hour training program is based on the Sonia Sumar Method.

Yoga for the Special Child: The Sonia Sumar Method

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A pioneering program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs. Sonia's style is safe for babies to young adults with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, microcephaly, autism, rare genetic diseases and other developmental disabilities. 

  1. Basic 1 (B1): Essential tools for working with children with special needs, hands-on instruction, evaluations, stages of child's development, and working with specific syndromes and disorders (Target ages 0-12)

  2. Basic 2 (B2): Further expands techniques learned in Basic 1, special emphasis on working with teens and young adults, while refining participants' skills in working with special children.

  3. Continuing Education (CE): Special weekend programs available targeting specific syndromes and disorders


CE PROGRAM: Yoga for Austism & ADD/ADHD

NOVEMBER 26-28, 2018

CE Program: Yoga for the Special Child
4,280.00 4,580.00