TT: Integral Yoga 500 Hours

500 Hours: Hersha Yoga is an affiliate school of Integral Yoga and offers advanced yoga teacher training programs to get teachers trained at the 500-hour level. Taking both training programs listed below will provide an additional 320 hours of yoga study:



Integral Yoga's Raja Yoga Teacher Training is a thorough training in the philosophy and psychology of Yoga through the in-depth study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The training provides a balance of study and practice, emphasising public speaking skills and peer support, as well as how to organise and present public lectures on these topics.

Program Description

  • The essential Yoga Sutras that outline the direct science of self-realisation.
  • Connection to other scriptures and teachings from other faiths as well as secular teachings
  • Group discussion, public speaking, introspection and peer support.
  • Hatha Yoga personal practice.



This course is open to Yoga teachers who have completed a Yoga Alliance-certified 200-hour Yoga teacher training program. For students who have not completed any Yoga training and still want to learn about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, please see the Raja Yoga Foundation Course.



Integral Yoga’s Intermediate Teacher Training program is a natural next step for teachers who have taken a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified teacher training and want to deepen their practice and teaching. This program includes in-depth study of advanced asana using the Integral Yoga method of energy and breath awareness leading the student on an inward journey to experience their true Self.

Program Description

  • The course will focus on deepening your understanding of the science of Hatha Yoga, and how to teach more advanced asana without losing the essential goals of Yoga.
  • The program also includes study of the Bhagavad Gita, Anatomy & Physiology, and workshops to deepen your practice.


The course is available to all certified Yoga teachers who have completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance-certified Basic Teacher Training program. Six months of teaching experience is recommended.

Integral Yoga: Intermediate TT
22,800.00 25,500.00

*If you want to pay in instalments, please email us directly and we can arrange that for you.

Integral Yoga: Raja Yoga TT
21,800.00 22,500.00

*If you want to pay in instalments, please email us directly and we can arrange that for you.