Accessible Prenatal Yoga TT

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Accessible Prenatal Yoga TT

10,800.00 12,200.00

Module 1: 5-days Prenatal Theory & Techniques 

Module 2: 2-days Yoga Philosophy for Pregnancy 

Module 3: 2-days Anatomy & Physiology for Pregnancy 

EXAM: Written and practical exams


Hersha Yoga's Accessible Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is an effective course that will train you to be a knowledgable prenatal yoga instructor capable of adapting your class to suit all abilities across all trimesters. Graduates will be able to create a complete integrative yoga class that is classical, dynamic or adaptive. In addition, students will be competent in teaching a workshop to prepare students for labour, as well as postnatal rehabilitation. 

The training covers the larger education of yoga to include yoga philosophy and lifestyle, and Anatomy & Physiology specific to pregnancy and future parenthood.

Hersha Yoga is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School and graduates will be able to apply for registration as a Registered Prenatal Yoga Instructor (RPYS).