What is Accessible Prenatal Yoga?

QU: There are so many yoga teacher training courses out there for prenatal yoga in Hong Kong. What is Accessible Prenatal Yoga? How is it different from regular Prenatal Yoga?

A: While today's woman has access to a wealth of information and is likely the most knowledgable about pregnancy and birth, every woman's experience of pregnancy is different. I have seen many women start out with a plan for their entire pregnancy, only to be sidelined by health issues or higher risk pregnancies that put their plans to the side. Accessible Prenatal Yoga helps you find the right experience of yoga for the body and condition you have, and evolves with the student throughout her pregnancy to suit her individual needs. The course includes many techniques and adaptations that provide exactly the right experience for each student.

When your body does not do what the mind wants it to do, there are often feelings of stress and frustration. Pregnancy is an intense time of transition for a woman. The process of transformation, labour and ultimately parenthood can bring up many feelings of excitement, uncertainty and in some cases fear. Accessible Prenatal Yoga covers the more emotional and psychological elements of a yoga practice to help women process change.

Accessible Prenatal Yoga is designed to help bring yoga to people who would not have the opportunity to practice in a regular class. Often this means reaching people with vulnerabilities and perhaps the pregnancy is not a planned or happy circumstance. Accessible Prenatal Yoga equips the teacher to be trauma-sensitive to their students. 

Women have more time to look after themselves during their first pregnancies, but with subsequent pregnancies, a mother has even less time. Accessible Prenatal Yoga covers tools that you can teach mothers to help them deal with fatigue, stress, social isolation and more. Teachers will also be able to confidently teach a multi-level class with different health issues, integrating more seasoned yogis with those that may need modifications.

The course covers both live and online training. Students have access to the online component forever, and can use the tools as a guide or reference in the future. 

If you are interested to take the Accessible Prenatal Yoga course, please click here.