Programs for Your Organisation

Hersha frequently offers talks and presentations to schools, hospitals and corporations with regards to Accessible Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Health & Wellbeing and Yoga for Persons with Disabilities. 

Examples Include:

Meditation for Beginners: Have your team learn the basics of meditation for enhanced focus and mood. Understand how to establish a regular self-practice that works for anyone.

Work Life Balance: Enhancing the quality of life doesn't require more time. Using a mindfulness-based approach to time management and stress management. 

Karma Yoga Day: A unique corporate team-building and wellness program focusing on Karma Yoga (doing good deeds and random acts of kindness through manual labour) for some of Hong Kong's most poorest communities or social / environmental causes.

Yoga In Schools: Adaptable to any school environment and curriculum, yoga includes therapeutic objectives to increase body awareness, spacial awareness, gross motor planning, behavioural self-regulation and sensory integration. 

Corporate Wellness & Team Building: Build a full mindfulness and stress management initiative for your organisation. Please contact Hersha to inquire.