Accessible Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong

Pregnancy is an exciting and often happy time in a woman’s life. It symbolises a person’s future and legacy. The process of change, transformation and birth, while exciting, can bring up feelings of uncertainty and for some women it can equally be a frightening experience. 

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Yoga has many benefits. While most people are familiar with the stretching and strengthening postures of yoga, it is more than a physical practice. Having said that, developing awareness of the body is an important first point of self-connection. Learning to live in our own body is a powerful experience. Even those who regard yoga as a workout can still enhance their experience when they bring their attention to every sensation that they feel through movement and with the breath. Yoga also works on balancing emotions and mental capacity, as well as igniting spirituality within a person.  



Hersha offers a specialised prenatal yoga course online for women who may not be able to attend regular classes. The course offers a more gentle style of prenatal yoga, including women who might need to be on bed rest.